What is the OKF's Aloe Vera Juice?

People everywhere have used Aloe Vera Cactus in cosmetics an das a remedy for illnesses for thousand of years. Aloe Vera is now renowned for its miraculous health benefits. These medicinal effects are widely recognized by the Aloe Science Council (ACS) which researches Aloe varieties.

OKF's Aloe Vera Juice is produced with the finest species of Aloe Vera which has the best medicinal effects on all parts of the human body. OKF's Aloe Vera Juice, which contains plenty of pulp, has a high content of calcium, Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Unlike other products OKF does not add sugar and has lowered the brix and removed any sticky aftertaste; resulting in the tastiest way to stay healthy.

According to the Aloe Science Council, Aloe Vera has beneficial effects on the antibiotic functions, cell regeneration functions, skin supplementation, digestive system and also increases the metabolism function. Aloe Vera also helps to prevent hair loss, constipation and unpleasant breath. It is also useful for fatigue recovery, weight loss, the strengthening of joints and cancer fighting. The number of medicinal benefits is countless.

OFK's Aloe Vera Juice is manufactured in South Korea and is currently exported to over 50 countries worldwide, including known markets such as Wal-Mart in USA, Metro of Germany and others.

In UK, Korea Foods was the first to introduce aloe drink to the U.K. in IFE 2006. We bring in 4 containers per month to sell direct to all fine retailers. Since March 2007, Korea Foods received a sole distributorship from OKF. We've agreed to bring in our own brand of aloe drink for the English consumers.

Aloe Vera Juice Range

Korea Foods has a big range of Aloe Vera Juice. In the original flavor it has a 1.5lt, 500ml and 180ml. And there are different flavors in the 500ml bottle: apple, lemon, peach, kiwi, grape, mango, lychee, pineapple, strawberry, banana and guava. The demand of this drink among English customers is growing rapidly, but still there is more to come.